Simone Inzaghi has given his first press conference as Inter manager, with the Italian outlining his vision for the next season for the first time.

Speaking to journalists for the first time about his ambitions and plans, as reported by FCInterNews, the former Lazio manager gave an early indication of what can be expected as he looks to transition the team into something of his own creation after taking over from the departed Antonio Conte.

Inzaghi explained which players he expects to have important roles at the club, and also talked about how he has already started work and is actively communicating with important figures at his new club.

About his feeling starting work with the Nerazzurri and preparing to defend the Scudetto as head coach he said this:

“For my part there is great enthusiasm. I am very motivated. I know that an important job is going to be ahead. It is a great challenge, they convinced me immediately because they showed me great impetus in wanting me in a few days.

“I am here now with my staff. We find a strong group, and fans, many of whom have warmly received me, from Puglia to Romagna. I know they will be close to us for the whole season.”

He talked about the process which led to him leaving the Biancocelesti to join Inter as Conte’s replacement:

“This change is due to many reasons. The people here who made me understand that they wanted me at all costs. I accepted this stimulating new challenge.

“There will be difficulties, we will have a Scudetto to defend and many strong opponents, but we are Inter and we will do everything to defend the tricolore.

“I take this opportunity to congratulate the club and Mr. Conte for accomplishing this long-awaited goal.”

Asked about strengthening the team, this was his response:

“Not many have moved. The transfer market is long and it is a delicate moment for all clubs. I was told about Hakimi’s departure, but the club promised me that the team will be competitive.

“There is a direct and daily consultation with the Director, we know where we need to intervene. Our great goal is to defend the Scudetto we have just won, and to make more progress in the Champions League.”

Inzaghi has spoken to Romelu Lukaku, relating the following:

“Now he is disappointed about the elimination of Belgium [from the Euros]. He is a very important player, he proved to be a decisive influence on the pitch.

“I think his teammates have also shown that they supported him at the highest level.”

And on stricken Inter midfielder Christian Eriksen, these were his words:

“I spoke to him before the European Championship. I was very sorry for what happened. I was hoping to work with him.

“Clearly he will need his time, but in the meantime the club has been good at seizing the opportunity to sign Calhanoglu, who I have always liked very much.

“Christian must rest, he will have all the time he needs and I will wait for him with open arms.”

On what kind of transition he will look to implement, the new coach said that “I think my goal will be continuity with what has already been done.”

Next he was asked about how he expects to feel when he returns to face his old club Lazio, and he stated that his feelings are already known through a letter he wrote to Biancocelesti fans:

“I think I wrote everything in my letter. In 22 years, I was lucky enough to win as a player, and as coach of the youth sector and the first team. I couldn’t ask for anything more, but it was time to change. Inter’s push for me was strong.”

The new manager was asked whether he had requested that the club not sell any players, and this was his response:

“As I said, the departure of Hakimi was anticipated. A painful sale and a difficult moment. But the team will remain competitive, the club has been good at intervening already with Calhanoglu, which was not a foregone conclusion.”

Inzaghi is reunited with Dutch defender Stefan de Vrij, who he spent several seasons with at Lazio before the 29-year-old’s move to Inter in 2018, and he had this to say about the player:

“I talked to all the players. I coached De Vrij and played with Kolarov and Handanovic. It is a pleasure to meet them again.

“I faced the others as opponents. With these three there is a memory from before, but I plan to have a wonderful relationship with everyone.”

Inzaghi was asked why he has chosen to join Inter after having rejected offers from other clubs to leave Lazio in the past:

“In my opinion it was not yet the time to change when there were other requests. It is normal that after 251 games with the same team it was time to change, and when the opportunity presented itself from Inter I immediately accepted.”

One disappointing aspect of last season was that despite the club’s accomplishments in the league, they finished last in their Champions League group, and the new manager hopes to do better this coming season, outlining his hopes:

“Inter’s goal is to pass the group, they have failed in recent seasons partly due to bad luck and partly due to injuries. It is a very difficult, physical competition.

“Other teams abroad have dealt with COVID as we have here in Italy, we will equip ourselves knowing that it will be taxing to play every three days.”

Inzaghi does not believe that the pressures of managing the Nerazzurri will burden him too much, as he is used to pressure:

“There are pressures in Rome and Milan. For those who do this job they are a fact of daily life. I like them, as I enjoy challenges.

“This is a great challenge, though I know that I will have the support of the club. I have a great relationship with the directors.

“We know that we will encounter some difficulties, many teams will try to put a spoke in the wheel, but we will have to show strength when they try to bring us down, and try to come out even stronger.”

Inzaghi spoke about his departure from Lazio, and the way he dealt with Biancocelesti president Claudio Lotito, with the pair’s relationship thought to have been strained by the events:

“In life, choices have to be made. I will always thank Lotito for the opportunity he has given me. He is an excellent president with great ideas.

“A cycle had ended I felt, I took my time. I had dinner with him and the director, and then I had taken some time to choose. In the morning I decided to change and with respect the first one I notified was President Lotito.”

The new coach reiterated what has already been said by club directors, that no important players from last season will be sold after Achraf Hakimi’s move to PSG:

“They told me that the other most important players will stay. We know we have an important task immediately, because the wide players are important components in my way of seeing football.

“Young is gone, Hakimi has been sold. We are not in a hurry, and I don’t think then others at the club are rushing either.

“We had an important problem with Eriksen, and the club did very well in acquiring Calhanoglu who should play well for us.”

Inzaghi stressed the importance of continuity once again, and improvement from a strong base:

“The goal is to give continuity. I know that I am in a team that won the Scudetto, and which also had to give up a fundamental player.

“However, I also know that there is a huge pool of players, great enthusiasm and a great fanbase that I have already encountered before in Serie A.

“The representatives of the Curva were clear. They said they want to see that the team gives everything on the pitch, and I promised that his will be done. Knowing that, we have clear objectives.”

The former Lazio boss talked about the significance of the Rome and Milan derbies:

“I know what the Rome derby represents to the city. I know that there is great rivalry here in Milan as well. Milan are strong, they remained at the top of the table for the entire first part of the campaign.

“A team that has the lead for twenty days is competitive, and they have an excellent coach. The derby will be an exciting challenge.”

Inzaghi was asked about whether new signing Hakan Calhanoglu will be able to play a similar role to Luis Alberto, who was a key player in his tactical system at Lazio, and he stated the following:

“I think so because he has similar characteristics. A player who when I have faced him in recent years has shown quality and quantity.

“Very good in terms of positioning. He has been in my head for some time, it is normal that missing Eriksen, very strong and very important to the team before, after what happened we decided to focus on Calhanoglu.”

Next he was asked about Inter players Federico Dimarco and Ivan Perisic, saying this:

“I think that Dimarco did very well in Verona, he grew up at Inter and he is an extra source of pride. He has shown that he can play in Serie A at his best, and as with all the others I will try to make him perform at his best and then I will evaluate, but the club and I are aiming for it.”

“Perisic played the wide role very well last year, a very important player who just finished the European Championship, and has contracted COVID. I am waiting for him with open arms and he will do very well in our system.”

The question was posed whether the new head coach considers any players non-transferrable, and here was his response:

“The market is evolving. We are trying to improve the squad. As far as the squad is concerned, they are all our players and will be evaluated by myself and the staff. We will try to make a squad worthy of Inter.”

Of Inter players currently on international duty at the Euros and the Copa America he had this to say:

“They are already winning players, they have won the Scudetto. In a squad, the more experience of success you have, the better.

“It is normal that I am happy for Barella, Bastoni and Lautaro. Lautaro is excited to play in the final against Brazil. I wish him the best, and for the Azzurri to triumph.”

The new manager was asked about the qualities he most admired about Inter from when he faced them with Lazio, and about whether he has a desire to bring any Biancocelesti players to the Giuseppe Meazza:

“I have appreciated Inter so much in these past two years. A solid team that gave sense of ​​being very compact, you could hardly score a goal against them.

“This paid off. As for my past, I coached a team that he always entertained the fans and scored goals. I hope to do it here too.”

Turning to the Euros, Inzaghi was asked about Roberto Mancini’s Italy side, and he said this:

“It has been a pleasure to see Italy at the European Championships, although they had also already made some excellent qualifiers.

“Congratulations to Roberto, I know him very well. He was my teammate and coach, I knew he could do well. Fingers crossed.”

Finally, Inzaghi was asked about whether Stefano Sensi would have an important role with the Nerazzurri next season, answering as follows:

“I think so. I have great confidence and esteem in Sensi. He always knows the position to take on the pitch, I talked to him and he is aware of my esteem.

“He has had a lot of injury problems and we will have to do a good job of training him in the best way possible, and use him when he is in top shape, because he will be a great resource.”