Ex-Belgian footballer, René Vandereycken, has been speaking incredibly highly of Inter’s young Belgian centre back Zinho Vanheusden ahead of his loan move to Genoa, according to a report in the broadcast media.

Speaking during an interview with 19th Century, as reported by FCInter1908, Rene Vandereycken made it very clear that he thinks Zinho Vanheusden will be a key player for Inter in the years to come after he has gained some more Serie A experience at Genoa.

“He has grown a lot and has to grow again but he has the potential to become a starter in Genoa and to be in Inter in 2-3 years. Zinho has great charisma.”

The man who made 233 appearances for Belgian side Club Brugge during his career also pointed out that in Serie A you come up against powerful and high-quality strikers every week, so the young defender will need to be in top physical condition.

“You will need to give him some time because in Serie A you challenge very strong attackers in every match and in every team you will find a lot of competition for the position.”

The veteran also highlighted the versatility to Zinho Vanheusden’s game, explaining that he can form part of a four-man defence or a back three with wing-backs, as Simone Inzaghi will be using.

“He can play 3 or 4, he defends well and has good technique, he likes to set up.”