In modern football, the good results are not only coming from the football field. A lot of the success within the sport is coming from great, clever investment.

Let’s look at 3 of the most successful investments in the history of Inter Milan.

Even though you rarely feel the excitement of football when you look at how the club is performing at the stock market, there’s no denying that modern football successful investments are the key to sustaining your wins on the field.

A good football team doesn’t come for free. Star players require big wages and as a global brand, it’s only natural to do big international investments, to maintain the position as one of the greatest clubs in the world of football.

For sure the Chinese owners of the club, Suning Holdings Group, knows how to make a good deal. In 2018 the company was considered to be the second-largest enterprise in China. That is based on clever investments in a large portfolio of companies in different industries.

It’s always interesting when people invest money in football because it’s a mix of business and love of the game. It is definitely not recommended to invest privately in a football club unless your love for the club exceeds the hole in your pockets.

There are plenty of ways to diversify your investments and an interesting way to create a diverse portfolio is by doing foreign exchange trading. Put simply, it means that you buy and sell currencies hoping to make a profit.

You will buy when the exchange rate is low and sell again when the exchange rate is high. Just like buying a good football player.

The Cheap Star Players

One of the best ways to make good investments in football is by buying cheap players and selling them expensively. After only three years in Inter Milan, the Swedish star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic was sold to Barcelona for 69,5 million euros in 2009.

Inter bought Zlatan for 24,8 million euros at first, so this investment increased by 180 percent! And more importantly: Inter Milan became the winners of the UEFA Champions League the season after Zlatan moved to Barcelona.

But players don’t have to be sold to be a great investment. In 2017 Inter Milan bought the Slovakian international Milan Skriniar in Sampdoria for 34 million euros.

Since then, he has been one of the consistent pillars of the Inter defense. He has only missed very few Serie A games, and he was a core part of the Serie A win in the 2020/2021 season.

The Massive Loan To Stop A Meltdown

The club was in serious financial trouble in the spring of 2021. After a year with Covid-19 restrictions and no spectators at Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, the club was in massive need of receiving new cash to avoid what Inter Milan legend Javier Zanetti called a financial meltdown.

The US investment firm Oaktree Capital completed a financing transaction that was worth 275 million euros. After the club won the Scudetto of 2021 and participates in the following UEFA Champions League the club was in a massive hurry to get cash into the club to be able to pay the wages to the star players, the staff, and other expenses.

The club was on the stepping stone to achieve new success on the football field and regain the position at the top of Italian football after a decade dominated by Juventus.