Austrian winger Valentino Lazaro has not had any contact with his Inter teammates at the pre-season training camp, either before or after testing postivie for COVID-19.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, who report that the 25-year-old underwent a preliminary double-test for the virus immediately upon his entry to the training camp and was not in contact with any of his teammates.

News of the Austrian’s positive test yesterday could have potentially rocked the training camp, as many will have wondered whether there was a chance that teammates or staff could have been infected through him.

However, it is reported that the test was administered as the first precaution immediately upon his arrival at the camp, and that he was put into isolation when its result came back.

In addition to Lazaro, it is reported that three Inter Primavera have also tested postive for COVID-19, and every squad member is tested regularly.