The president of a group that campaigns for fan ownership of football clubs in Europe has openly criticised the Interspac project that has been gaining traction, according to a report in the Italian media.

Whilst speaking to Sports Sheet with quotes reported by FcINternews, the president of Supporters in Campo and member of SD Europe, Diego Riva, suggested that Interspac would actually give no representation to normal fans at all.

Diego Riva’s argument stems from the idea that members of the ownership group would have to pay a fee of €500 to be part of the group, which is unrealistic for the average Inter fan. That then means that the group is then populated by VIPs and business people who can afford it.

“If anything we are facing a project aimed at VIPs and big names in finance and entrepreneurship. What representation will the fans have on the board of directors?.”

Interspac is a fan ownership scheme led by Carlo Cottarelli that would see a group of Inter fans acquire a large percentage of the club’s share, hence giving them voting rights.