New Inter signing Alex Cordaz has opened up about his decision to leave Crotone to join the Nerazzurri.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster DAZN, as reported by FCInterNews, the new goalkeeper goes into his feelings about the emotional farewell to his former club, and the pride he feels about returning to Inter.

The 38-year-old relates the circumstances that led to his arrival at the Nerazzurri, and outlines some of the factors in his decision-making process through the period.

The keeper is happy to be back and looking forward to working with his new teammates, particularly his goalkeeping colleagues Samir Handanovic and Andrei Radu.

As Cordaz emphasizes through the interview, his return is one characterized by emotion, as he looks to spend what remains of his career with a club who he has felt a connection to for his entire life.

“Feelings of joy and continuous discovery,” he states about his return, “I feel like I’m back child seeing the places where I grew up. For me it is a source of great joy and great pride. It is not easy to immerse myself in a new reality, but for Inter I do it very willingly. For me it is an honour, I will try to make myself available of the club, the coach, and the team, and to make a contribution in my small way to help Inter achieve their goals and continue to win.”

Asked whether he would have left Crotone for another team besides Inter, his answer was clear:

“Absolutely not, I don’t think I could ever leave Crotone. I’m like a son with two mothers who have adopted me, Crotone and Inter. I know that Crotone has become my homeland, I will always have an indissoluble bond with them. But also, I feel like I am home and this always triggers something in the heart, finding the other piece I had left many years ago.”

Next he was asked how he heard about Inter’s interest in signing him, and he answered thusly:

“I was at a friend’s house to watch a game when [Inter Sporting Director] Piero Ausilio called. He threw this proposal out at me, I reflected with Gianni Vrenna, President of Crotone, and we made this decision together.”

Cordaz spoke about his longstanding connection to the club:

“We are all Inter fans in my family, I watched the matches with a scarf, a shirt and everything. For me it was a safe path, as we are all Inter fans, I couldn’t do otherwise.”

He was asked about his role as third goalkeeper, and he explained it in this way:

“For me it is a privilege to be working with Samir Handanovic, who I think is one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world; it’s nice to train with him, he’s a very simple guy. [Andrei] Radu has a great future, I’m happy to work with him as well.”

Cordaz closed with words about Inter manager Simone Inzaghi:

“He has shown what he is worth with both results and his game plans. I think good things await us, we have to make ourselves available and I’m sure something good will come.”