A prominent Italian lawyer has spoken out about Carlo Cottarelli’s Interspac project and what it could mean for Italian football in the future, according to a report in the Italian media.

Whilst speaking to Sport Sheet, with quotes reported by FCInternews, Massimiliano Romiti made it very clear that he is pleased that Interspac has sparked a conversation around fan ownership and participation in Italian football.

“We are pleased that it brings the topic of fan participation is at the center of attention, but it is necessary to understand how the Interspac project will be detailed.”

Massimiliano Romiti also makes it clear though that it is too simplistic to say that what Interspac are proposing will work in the same way that fan ownership dos in the Bundesliga, at clubs such as Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund.

“Bayern Munich has been cited as a model, but it remains to be discovered how the relationship between fans and society will be conceived. It can never be implemented in the same forms in Italy, because we are starting from a different situation.”

Interspac is a project led by entrepreneur Carlo Cottarelli that aims to get Inter fans to buy shares in the club so that more people than just the Suning Group have the ability to vote on important issues around the club, such as a new stadium.