Italian journalist Michele Cristcitiello has predicted that new Inter head coach Simone Inzaghi will have a difficult time in taking over from departed boss Antonio Conte.

Writing in his column for, the journalist explained that it is his view that the new manager will not easily find success with the squad which won the Scudetto under his predecessor.

Chief among the reasons for this view is the fact that the squad has lost a valuable component in the form of Achraf Hakimi after the Moroccan’s departure for Paris Saint-Germain, but this is not the only reason that Criscitiello believes that Inzaghi will struggle.

He also believes that the new manager will face challenges in adapting to the new squad without being able to bring in many of his own preferred signings.

The journalist believes that the Nerazzurri should still be strong enough to finish in the top four of Serie A under their new manager, but that going further than this and winning the Scudetto and finishing strongly in the Champions League are less certain, with Juventus the favourites for the Scudetto in his eyes.

His words:

“It will not be an easy year for Inter. If you don’t make the transfer market and don’t replace those who depart well (Hakimi, and I would also add Conte), you cannot think that you are stronger than the others just because you have the tricolour on your chest.”

“The truth is that Inter have changed their plans and from thinking about winning to make the brand grow even in China, they have moved on from reducing costs to the famous ‘let’s keep going.’ Last year it went well, at the end, because Conte acted as President and psychological coach, but also because there was no one able to oppose.”

“Pirlo’s Juventus was embarrassing and Milan gave up too soon because they didn’t have the qualities to stay in first place. Losing Conte, in the league, and trying to replace Conte, is a disaster. Inzaghi will struggle (we are talking about winning the Scudetto and tbeing favourites in the Champione League, we are not saying that he will not finish in the top four) because taking over Conte’s locker room with Conte’s men is not trivial.”

“While wanting to bring in some loyalists, the former Lazio coach is unable to do so. This year Inter must take into account that Juventus will be the favourites for the Scudetto, hands down, and the Roman club will have a good championship. They may not win the Scudetto but they will take points away from all the big names.”