Fans who had purchased tickets to watch the friendly match between Inter and Arsenal at the Florida Cup will be refunded for their purchase after both the Nerazzurri and the Gunners withdrew from the event.

This is confirmed by the organizers of the Florida Cup, who released an official statement in which they explain the situation.

The Nerazzurri had been scheduled to fly to the US today to participate in the event, with a friendly match against the Gunners scheduled to have taken place on Sunday.

However, the Nerazzurri decided yesterday to withdraw from participation, citing concerns around the risks of international travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arsenal had already done the same the previous day, announcing that they were dropping out of the event for health and safety reasons due to positive COVID cases having been returned within their camp.

The organizers of the event that the other two clubs scheduled for participation, English side Everton and Colombian side Millionarios, have arrived, although it is not yet clear how the rest of the event will be set up.

Their statement reads, in full:


Though we regret Inter Milan’s decision to withdraw from the Florida Cup today, we welcomed Everton to Orlando this afternoon, with Millonarios set to arrive tomorrow.

Those clubs will meet as planned on Sunday, July 25, with the match beginning at 6 p.m. ET. Additional updates to the tournament schedule will be announced shortly.

Out of respect for the fans who purchased tickets to the original lineup, we will be automatically refunding all purchases through Ticketmaster. Additional information will be sent to ticket holders through their point of purchase.

General admission tickets will be sold for contests on both original match dates, July 25 and 28.”