A Look Back At Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan & What To Expect From The Nerazzurri Under Simone Inzaghi

A Look Back At Antonio Conte’s Inter Milan & What To Expect From The Nerazzurri Under Simone Inzaghi
July 27, 2021 16:10
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For over a decade now, Inter Milan fans have been hoping for their beloved Nerazzurri to get out of the slump.

Ever since Mourinho left the club in 2010 after winning the Champions League trophy, the club has gone through a difficult period.

The club changed many coaches, players, and board members. Sadly, even though the 2021 season was a success for the club with the Scudetto title secured, the coach Antonio Conte left the club.

Normally this wouldn’t happen, but Inter fans are used to these kinds of things.

However, things are not that bad. Even though Inter lost the title winning coach, Inter fans have things to look forward to in the next season as fans. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at the key moments of the 2021 season.

Bitter-Sweet Season With Antonio Conte

Many fans hated the fact that Conte was hired to be the head coach of Inter due to his historic ties with Juventus.

However, even the most skeptical voices were silenced when Conte led the team to the first major trophy in over a decade.

During his first season, he came just short for winning both the Europa League and Serie A.

However, in 2021, Inter won the Scudetto with 12 points more than AC Milan. This is the second time in history the club has had over 90 points at the end of the Serie A season.

At the same time, Conte became the first-ever Serie A coach to win over 90 points with two different clubs. Even though Conte did an excellent job for the club, his disagreements led to him leaving Inter despite the successful season.

Romelu Lukaku Shines In His Best Light

The cohesion between the players and the coach is what made the team great. Conte was insisting on bringing Lukako to Inter, and it all paid off.

Lukaku has said multiple times how much he respects Conte and his knowledge of the game.

Even though Lukaku finished in 2nd place as the league’s scorer behind Cristiano Ronaldo with 24 goals, he also contributed with 9 assists.

Lukaku even said that he has no regrets about taking second place as his goal was to win the title, not be the top scorer.

Even though Lukaku was often criticized for being inconsistent, he has proven that he is a pure goal scorer and team player.

Achraf Hakimi Enters The Stage

Conte is known for his 3-5-2 formation. The coach never deviated from this strategy, and it’s obvious why – it works for him.

But to make it work, he needed to improve the flanks, and he did that by adding Hakimi to the squad on a €40 million transfer from Real Madrid.

The youngster made an impact instantly as he gave the whole squad pace. His offensive mindset and aggressive attacks from the flank gave opponents headaches throughout the entire season.

He quickly became a member of the starting line-up for the whole season.

Hakimi made 9 assists and scored 9 goals launching himself into stardom at his position. On top of that, under Conte’s leadership, the young 22-year-old back also improved defensively and showed that he’s no longer a liability on that side of the pitch.

Standing Ground Against Inter’s Biggest Rivals

Even though winning the Scudetto is a significant achievement, many fans like it when their clubs beat the fiercest rivals.

The hint of Inter winning the season came in January when they beat Juventus. In the past 9 years, the club didn’t have much success against their toughest rivals.

At the same time, Juventus was the most successful club in Serie A during the last decade. This victory has shown that Inter is a genuine title contender and that the club is out of its “rough” period.

Even though Inter showed poor performance in the Champions League, many fans see this season as a comeback for the club.

Hopes For The Future

This kind of season would be welcomed as encouragement for future efforts. However, since Conte’s departure, there have been certain doubts. On top of that, the club announced that they have to sell players as well as lower the wage bill.

This certainly means that some of the players instrumental in the season’s success will have to be let go. It has already started as the club sold Hakimi to PSG for around €70 million.

But the introduction of Simeone Inzaghi and a new positive atmosphere around the club stirs high expectations. Fans worldwide will tune in and watch Inter’s games in 2022, hoping to see a repeated success, if not something even better.

If unfortunately, the grand spectacle won’t be available to you due to geo-restrictions, you can find a workaround. A sports streaming VPN is a great way to access any match you want, even if it would be unavailable otherwise.


last season proved that Juventus aren’t unbeatable. The Nerazzurri are back in the game and ready to bring the club to its former glory.

By Editorial Staff

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