The 23-year-old Argentinian international striker’s future in Italy’s Serie A at Inter Milan remains uncertain.

His contract expires in the summer of 2023 and the Spanish superclubs Real Madrid and Barcelona are interested in a transfer.

Lautaro Martinez’s career has been taking off over the past few years. This last season was huge for him since the player won the Serie A title with the Nerazzurri and helped Lionel Messi to get the long-awaited Copa America title in the final against Brazil.

Both teams had pretty high odds before the start of the tournament, according to bookmakers, presented at

The Argentinian striker is only 23 years old and not only worthy of the positive feedback he gets from the press and fans, but the “top player” wages he asks.

In this article, we will analyze the Argentinian strengths and why he can be useful for Inter in the seasons to come.

Lautaro Martinez strengths:

1. Finishing.

Martinez does not require a lot of time for his shots, mainly because his explosive dribbling skills and sprinting. He can practically shoot from any position and defenders rarely have time to cover them.

The Argentinian also manages to put quite a lot of force into his strikes, which complicates the job for goalkeepers.

For example, when Lautaro has a scoring opportunity from the penalty area he would rather shoot low driven to the near post than try hitting it with the maximum power.

2. Dribbling.

The Argentine has quick feet, which allows him to bypass rivals of any level. Combined with excellent physical abilities, explosive sprint and amazing speed on the distance it gives Martinez a huge advantage in comparison with other strikers.

Lautaro’s composure allows him to manage the ball correctly even in difficult situations, including the ones inside the penalty area.

Martinez’s pass in the game against Sassuolo showed all his abilities when together with Alexis Sanchez, they attacked on the counter.

The Argentinean got the ball from the ex-Manchester United player, went to the penalty area corner and managed to make an assist to the empty net on Chilean, surrounded by three defenders.

3. Defensive Contribution.

Physical form and the ability to choose the right position allows Martinez to be valuable not only in the attack but also in defence.

He’s especially useful in pressing high up the pitch as part of a team’s high press. Such work creates tension on the goalkeeper and defenders trying to build-up from deep when starting an attack.

The pressure also forces mistakes from these players, helps to intercept the ball and create chances on the counter.

Why Inter Milan Should Keep Lautaro Martinez:

  • Lautaro’s skills makes him the ideal partner of Romelu Lukaku. They’ve spent an incredible two seasons together, complimenting each other on the pitch.
  • Inter requested up to €70m for the Argentinean, which is huge and is unlikely to be paid by the two Spanish clubs. Real is allegedly saving money for a move for Mbappe and Haaland. Barcelona are in huge financial trouble and are trying to sell their players, not buy new ones. The offers “player+money” are questionable since they are rarely beneficial for Inter.
  • Selling top players in the squad might set a bad image for the title-winning club. Getting rid of the most valuable assets might indicate that Nerazzurri are no longer ambitious.
  • Even though Inter has a new coach and he might not use Martinez and Lukaku the same way as Antonio Conte did, the Argentinian striker is versatile enough to adjust to the new formation, tasks and even position. Plus he’s young and can learn a lot from new coach Simone Inzaghi.

Are There Reasons To Sell?

In conclusion, two reasons to consider selling Lautaro are worth mentioning. The main one is the Lautaro Martinez temperament which ended in a comic lighthearted “boxing match” between him and Antonio Conte.

But the origins of the conflict between the player and coach began after the Argentinian striker started the game against Roma on the bench, was subbed on and then subbed off. Lautaro was furious about the incident.

Inter management arranged a barbecue  and the humorous boxing match for him and the Italian coach to settle their differences. It worked, but what is to say that this issue doesn’t arise again?

In addition, if any of the clubs can match Inter’s request of €70 million, such an offer might be worth considering, but with a catch: there are not many such versatile offers on the market like Martinez and the Nerazzurri will need to fill this position in the future with the money raised.