A Spanish court has ruled in favour of all the clubs involved in the Super League proposal, ordering UEFA to cease taking legal action against said clubs.

This is confirmed in a joint official statement by Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid, released on the Bianconeri’s official site, which notes that the court has ruled that UEFA must put an end to the disciplinary proceedings against the three clubs still involved in the project, and remove restrictions and penalties against the other nine.

The Nerazzurri were one of twelve clubs from Italy, Spain, and England who were involved in the Super League project for a breakaway football league separate from existing domestic and European competitions, and one of three Italian clubs alongside Juventus and AC Milan.

The club dropped out soon after the club was announced, along with their city rivals, Spanish club Atletico Madrid, and all six English sides involved in the project.

Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid have remained committed to the project, which has left them subject to legal action by UEFA, while the other nine clubs have been subject to penalties and restrictions from UEFA which they agreed to in order to avoid the disciplinary proceedings faced by the remaining three clubs.

The court decisions could be significant for the remaining three clubs in that it could allow them to continue to pursue the project without subjecting themselves to legal issues.

Meanwhile, the Nerazzurri and the other clubs to have withdrawn from the project are also affected by the decision, in that the fines, penalties, and sanctions which they agreed to in order to avoid further legal action could no longer apply, while it is also possible that these clubs could consider re-joining the project if they do not believe that they are subject to legal threats as a result.

It remains to be seen how the Nerazzurri and other clubs react to this decision, and whether it is upheld, though for now it looks as though the ramifications and fallout of the Super League will continue for some time and the Nerazzurri could be involved with along other clubs.