The parents of young Inter striker Martin Satriano have opened up about their son’s career progression at the Nerazzurri.

Speaking to Italian news outlet FCInterNews, the Uruguayan’s parents express happiness at how far their son has managed to come in football at the age of twenty and outline his career ambitions.

Satriano enjoyed a strong campaign with the Primavera side last season, and he has extended this form into pre-season, where he has impressed in training and friendly alongside members of the senior squad.

It is not yet clear whether the 20-year-old will be loaned out or be given responsibilities with the Nerazzurri first team next season, but what is beyond doubt is that the club will look to make sure the player is in the right environment to develop his already considerable talent.

Speaking about Satriano’s personality outside of football, his mom Vanessa talks about the kind of child that Satriano was, stating that he was “Very sweet, someone who was curious about everything around him. He always wanted to improve in everything. And what a passion for football he had, he slept embracing a ball.”

Asked about the striker’s personality traits, his mother explained “He is a solitary person who remains grateful to those who have always been close to him. A boy who is very respectful of his neighbours, and this fills me with pride.”

Next, Mrs. Satriano was asked about the first time she watched her son play, stating “Of course. He was four years old and played with the youngsters of the team of our city. Then at thirteen he moved to Nacional, and I accompanied him to all the matches he had to play.”

She was then asked about whether it is difficult to be apart from her son who is in Italy and she replied, “A lot, we miss him a lot. When he left, it wasn’t easy. But I am aware that this is a part of the path he has chosen for his life. He is trying to make his dreams come true. I will always support him.”

About Satriano’s agent Nick Maytum, Mrs. Satriano stated “We met him after talking to a person who works for him here. Our family can only have nice words for Nick and Federico, and for how they helped us. Maytum is not only his agent, he is also person who loves Martin.”

On her son’s career ambitions and how far he can go in football, she said “I hope and believe very far. It is normal that he wants his dreams to come true. Up to now he has achieved all the goals he has set himself. Next, my personal desire, like Martin’s, is to see him one day play in the colours of the Uruguay national team.”

Turning to his father Gerardo, Mr. Satriano was asked about the kind of childhood his son had, replying “Normal. Very quiet. He was always a calm kid who loved being with his family and playing with his brothers and friends from the neighbourhood. Of course, he spent the whole day with a football.”

Asked about what he felt after seeing his son score his first goal for Inter in pre-season, Mr. Satriano stated “A lot of happiness. I congratulated him. And I told him to keep working as hard as he is already doing. He must continue on this path, that of absolute concentration and always giving 100%. His career is just starting, Martin knows he still has a lot to grow.”

He stated that the young Inter striker’s dream is “Becoming a professional footballer. We always talked during his development, I tried to give him advice precisely because I was a footballer too. And I know how difficult it is to get there. But also one has to maintain oneself at certain levels.”

Mr. Satriano gave his impression of Inter, which he states is “A huge club. Playing for a club like this the responsibility is very great. Martin must be an exemplary professional and keep enjoying the moment. Then in training he works hard, and learn from those champions who are his teammates.”

About his son’s initial move to the Nerazzurri, he stated “It was all very fast, football is like that. The important thing is that he is well now and that he has adapted to the Italian lifestyle.”

Finally, Mr. Satriano spoke about the future for his son, advising “I believe that no limits should be set. He has improved a lot in some aspects where he needed to grow. I see that he takes great care of his body, and it shows in the speed he has on the pitch. Martin must respect the environment of a club like Inter and continue to learn and grow.”