The CEO of Serie B team Cremonese has praised Inter’s CEO, Beppe Marotta, whilst talking about the man in charge at Sassuolo, Giovanni Carnevali, according to a report in the Italian print media.

Whilst speaking to Tuttosport, Ariedo Braida was discussing the incredible job that Giovanni Carnevali has done by turnign Sassuolo into a team that regulalry features in the top half of Serie A. WHilst giing this praise, he compared the quality of work to the job that Beppe Marotta has done with Inter.

“Carnevali is a brilliant person, like our other friend Beppe Marotta. But it is easier for Giovanni to offer a dinner at the restaurant rather than a discount on Locatelli.”

Sassuolo reached Serie A for the first ever time in 2013 and they have not been relagted since. They even reached the Europa League just three years later which was an immense acheivemnt for a club of that size from such a small town in Emilia-Romagna.

Giovanni Carnevali has been the brains behind the project that sees an excellent academy produce players for the first team who then raise large amounts of money to keep the sytem going.