The Evolution Of The Inter Milan Shirt Through The Years

The Evolution Of The Inter Milan Shirt Through The Years
August 2, 2021 17:07
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Football kits play a very important part in an image of a team. Of course, it’s not as crucial as their performance during the game or the training, but it plays a different role.

Shirts represent the history of the club, they establish a sort of brand of the team and make it easily recognizable. Sometimes, fans even choose their favorite teams because of kit designs.

Inter Milan, as one of the most well-known FCs in the world, hasn’t changed their main scheme of shirts since the date of its foundation back in 1908.

The blue and black stripes are the main (and only) element on their home jerseys and are always present as them being on the white background on the away jerseys.

Needless to say, it looks very stylish, especially the vintage ones from the ’70s and ‘80s. Of all jerseys, some of them looked a bit worse than others but still had a big impact on the design.

But still, the famous black and blue stripes can be always easily recognized on the pitch, as an addition to the team’s continuously brilliant performance.

That’s why fans from all over the world love to buy and wear fan shirts. They just look great and represent a club that plays in every single Series A tournament, which is pretty impressive.

And when these fans appear at stadiums, whole sectors are filled with blue and black.

No matter the age or gender, all of them attend their favorite club’s matches to show support. Students, office workers, programmers, shoemakers, all of them find time to be present when Inter Milan plays.

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Wearing the same uniform as the players on the pitch creates a certain connection between them. A connection that along with the loud chants fills the team with energy and helps them to win.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best Inter Milan shirts.

1982-83 Home/Away

The 82-83 season shirts became one of the most iconic of Inter Milan’s kits. The home jersey featured the usual black and blue stripes.

However, the stripes were made a little bit bigger, and the blue tone a bit lighter, compared to the 79-80 ones. One might agree that the whole design acquired a sort of more finished look.

It looked more firm, straightforward, and confident. The away jersey was white being the main color, with the addition of the stripes on the collar and sleeves.

What made this kit iconic, though, was the sponsor’s name on the front, as “Misura” continued to remain on their jerseys for 8 years from that moment.

1992-93 Home/Away/Third

The start of their partnership with Fiorucci was represented not only by the new name of the sponsor on the front but also by the very bright light blue stripes.

The design of away and third jerseys remained the same as the previous year. The away one was white with diagonal stripes near the collar, and the third was an amazing yellow design with a light blue deformed checkerboard ornament.

Like most designs of that time, it looked really bright. Today, it could be called one of the best representations of vintage sport designs.

1996-97 Home/Away

Most of the changes to jerseys are made with the change of the main sponsor. In the year 95, Pirelli became one for Inter Milan.

They switched to the old-school wide deep blue and black stripes, but they made a huge mistake. That mistake was a horrible away jersey, the green one with blue stripes.

So, for the 96-97 season, they made the stripes on the home shirt thinner, which made it look much better. But more importantly, they changed the away shirt to the classic white with blue and black stripes.

These designs were kept almost exactly the same until last year.

Photo Andrea Staccioli / Insidefoto andreaxstaccioli

2020-21 Home/Away

Last season, the team decided that they need a more modern look. So the stripes now go in zig-zag, and the away shirt has them intersected with each other on the white background.

Both main shirts look amazing and are a good example of how to keep the main concepts of the design while adding a modern look to them.

Inter Shirt Manufacturers

  • 1979-1982 – Puma
  • 1982-1986 – Mecsport
  • 1986-1988 – The Loc Sportif
  • 1988-1991 – Uhlsport
  • 1991-1998 – Umbro
  • 1998-present – Nike

Final Words

One of the best things about Inter Milan’s shirts is how stylish they have always looked regardless of the decade. So, go ahead and buy a fan jersey for yourself to show support for your favorite football club.

By Editorial Staff

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