New Inter backroom staff member Mario Cecchi has given some insight into what the inner workings will be like behind the scenes at head coach Simone Inzaghi’s Nerazzurri project.

Speaking to Inter TV, as reported by FCInterNews, the Italian spoke about his role and about how the new manager intends to train at the club.

When Antonio Conte departed from his role as head coach at Inter earlier in this summer, the change was significant not only for the fact that Conte himself was leaving, but also for the fact that with him many important technical and coaching staff members also left.

However, Conte’s successor brings with him his own group of staff members, who he will rely on to get the best out of this Nerazzurri squad in pursuit of defending the Scudetto achieved by Conte and his team.

Cecchi is one member of the staff, and he explains his role as being one of making sure the team is prepared and that training sessions go smoothly.

“I take care of training, preparing training sessions with the coach, we share with our other colleagues the objectives to be pursued in training.

“Then when it comes to matches it is a question of researching the match tactics to be carried out over the week the week.”

The relationship and rapport between the head coach and his staff is important to the functioning of a team behind the scenes, and Cecchi explains the depth of his working relationship with Inzaghi:

“I’ve been collaborating with Simone for five years, during our time at Lazio. I met him because I was in the Youth Sector at Empoli for ten years.

“Therefore when I was there in the Primavera, and he at Lazio, we met many times, we faced each other many times, sometimes he won, other times I won.

“A beautiful friendship was born, then we did the course together in Coverciano, we exchanged our opinions on football, and when he went to Lazio he called me, and from there was born there our collaboration.”

Asked what he expected from the upcoming season, Cecchi stated “I expect to work well with the team, to always be there when they need us, to establish a good relationship, and to have the motivation that can lead us to great results.

“The qualities are there because the team deservedly won the Scudeto last year, so we have to pursue our goals.”