Inter CEO Beppe Marotta and Sporting Director Piero Ausilio had considered joining head coach Antonio Conte in resigning from the club in order to force Suning to change course on a plan to sell players.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Il Giornale, who report that the pair had made a pact with Conte that all three would resign en masse after hearing of the ownership’s intentions, but that in the end only Conte left.

With the likely sale of Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea, it now appears clear that Inter owners Suning are willing to part with any key players should a sufficient offer arrive.

Conte, Marotta and Ausilio were made aware of the plans to sell players and reduce the wage bill significantly, and of the likelihood that two or more major squad members could be sold in order to achieve these financial goals.

Il Giornale reports that all three had discussed a plan to threaten to leave the club at the same time, in order to make clear to Suning that two or more sales of top players, as appears to be on the cards with Lukaku’s sale set to follow that of Achraf Hakimi, would not be tolerated.

However, whole the former manager stepped down from his position abruptly in May, Marotta and Ausilio have remained at the club to steer it through a difficult period, and there is currently no indication that they will resign soon.