Former Inter midfielder Antonio Sabato has spoken out against Suning’s ownership of Inter in the wake of what looks to be the imminent sale of Romelu Lukaku.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster TMW Radio, as reported by FCInter1908, the 63-year-old stated that he believes the current owners should have sold the club rather than allowing the situation to develop to where it has.

Despite Suning having enjoyed success with the Nerazzurri, with the club having achieved its first Scudetto in eleven years under their ownership, the situation appears to be rapidly unravelling due to financial problems.

Sabato condemned the way that the Nerazzurri have been run under the Chinese business, and he also worries that even after Lukaku goes, other key players could be sold as well.

“It is a real scandal if we sell Barella and Bastoni,” he said

“We are unlucky with Asian entrepreneurs. At this point the company had to be sold first.”

He continued by making an analogy for how Suning have run the club, and for why the conditions have made them unsuitable to the task of guiding the Nerazzurri through this period:

“You could not continue to spend, without being able to cover it. If you have a Ferrari you have to keep it, but if you have the money you have to sell it.

“It shouldn’t have come to this point. Real Madrid go on with €900 million in debt and Inter are on the verge of bankruptcy?”

He added, “It’s absurd. It’s absurd management, and I’m referring to the Chinese owners. Conte had sensed the situation and left for this reason.”

Asked about who he would bring in as a replacement for Lukaku, Sabato gave his thoughts on a number of names linked to the club.

“Dzeko,” he said of his first choice, “Point to him. He has a high salary, if Roma get rid of him you can also please him.

“If you can only invest 20-30% of what you get from Lukaku, who can you get? Vlahovic costs too much. For me, take Dzeko and a signing for the bench.

“Zapata, I don’t think they can afford him. Dybala? Impossible, he will rediscover his form under Allegri.”