Italian journalist Paolo Conda has spoken about the fractured relationship between Inter owners Suning and the Nerazzurri.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster Sky Sport Italia yesterday afternoon, as reported by FCInter1908, Conda suggested that the club’s situation leading up to selling Romelu Lukaku has been a long time coming, and signals the need to part ways with Suning.

Despite having brought the Nerazzurri back to the top of the Italian games with last season’s Scudetto triumph, Suning have shocked many fans by allowing not only Achraf Hakimi, but now seemingly also Romelu Lukaku to be sold.

As Conda points out, there are deep underlying reasons for this, and bringing the club back from them could prove an impossible task for Suning.

Accordingly, he feels that the only option left is for the current owners to sell the club, or else risk further damaging the project and alienating the supporters, as there are too many factors which lead them to be unable to run the club adequately.

“We certainly cannot say that we have not been warned of what would happen to Inter,” Conda said.

“Conte’s departure was not justified by the sale of Hakimi alone, although that was very important as he is a great player and was a cornerstone of the Scudetto.”

He continued, “It is clear that there are further debts to settle, the hole is frightening, there is the need for the sale of the club to be made as soon as possible, Zhang seems to me to be on a path of no return.

I would like a move, moreover, in terms of image, I would find it very right: that of renaming the Pinetina training centre to just Angelo Moratti again, and remove the name Suning because that is something that should be removed as a matter of decency.”