Inter-linked Cagliari midfielder Nahitan Nandez has given an explanation of his situation, with the player reported to have failed to show up to training amid links to the Nerazzurri.

In a post on his Instagram account, the Uruguan talks about the controversial circumstances, and reaffirms his commitment to the Rossoblu despite also hinting that he feels that he was promised a move to Inter.

A move had reportedly been close for Nandez at one point, with walks between Inter and Cagliari over his signature in an advanced stage, but no deal has been done and it now looks to be in question whether he will make the switch after all.

The player is in a difficult situation, but he makes clear that he meant to insult to Cagliari or the fans with his actions, and emphasizes that he has been in contact with his teammates in Sardinia.

Whether or not Nandez remains at Cagliari or makes the move to Inter, he will hope to repair his relationship with the Rossoblu fans, to whom he extends an apology in this post.

Nandez write: “In the last few days many things have been said about my situation with the club. I know perfectly well what happened. I also immediately told my teammates so that they would know the situation, and they were the first people to understand me.”

“You all know the respect I have and the good I strive for in this shirt and in this city. You have welcomed me in the best possible way since my arrival, and you have never stopped supporting me. I will always be grateful to you for this.”

“For this reason I am writing these words, to apologize to all the Cagliari fans if something I did offended them.”

“The last few hours have been very difficult for me, and my intention is simply to apologize to you because I may have made a decision that hurt you, but I want to let you know that I had no alternative.”

“I have been given a promise and I want it to be kept, as I always did on and off the pitch.”

“The controversy is not good for anyone, and even less so the media games.”

“It was never my intention to disrespect you fans, but you yourselves know with how much passion and how proudly I have represented the shirt of this club at all times, even when I have had family problems.”

“It has been a very hard year, with many personal difficulties, and the only thing that really interests me is being clear with my teammates and with all the fans who have always been close to me and have shown me their affection.|



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