Despite the hefty €185 million coming into the Nerazzurri this summer, the transfer budget for new signings is thought to only be around €35 million.

Today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport outline that this is due to the structure of the deals for the two major outgoing players meaning that not all of the fees will be immediately available in the form of liquidity in the budget to either add to the assets at the club or spend on players.

The Nerazzurri’s owners have set a target for a net of €70 million in net transfer gains to be brought in to the club after the sale of Lukaku is completed in addition to the deal already done for Hakimi, restricting the amount that will be available to spend this summer.

Moreover, despite the size of the fees received for Hakimi and Lukaku, the club are taking into account the solidarity payments and fees still owed for the players in drawing up this summer’s budget.

In Hakimi’s case, €25 million in instalment payments remain to be paid to Real Madrid, in addition to €3 million in solidarity contributions.

Meanwhile, on the initial deal which brought Lukaku from Manchester United, approximately €50 million in instalments are still owed to the English club while a 6% sell-on fee could also be due to the Red Devils.

The final amount in the transfer budget for this summer could be determined by how whether owners Suning will consider the servicing of all of these payments to be amounts subtracted from the amount received alongside the €70 million in gains targeted, or whether they will count any of these amounts towards the €70 million number.

Should any further income be made from sales, this would also be counted towards increasing the budget from €35 million, but it remains to be seen whether any more sales be made this summer.