Young Belgian midfielder Xian Emmers has confessed that the reason he departed from Inter this summer was that he felt he would not be able to continue his career progression with the Nerazzurri.

The 22-year-old was released from his Inter contract to join Dutch Eredivisie side Roda this week, and he spoke to Belgian news outlet Het Laatste Nieuws about the reasons for his departure.

Emmers joined Inter as a youth team player from Genk in 2015, but despite his talent he was never able to really establish himself at the club or gain the momentum that would suggest that he would ever make an impression at the Giuseppe Meazza, hampered by injuries and never picking up form.

The midfielder acknowledges this, stating that after a frank talk with the club he felt that it was clear that the most productive career move would be a permanent move away to try and get his career back on track.

“I trained with [Inter] for two weeks this summer, but after a conversation with the club, neither party really saw a future,” Emmers explained.

“They recognized that I have made progress in my growth, but that a series of injuries have slowed things down a bit.

“I was not interested in a new loan, and given their [financial] situation it was no longer necessary for them to keep me. Soon after, Roda showed interest.”

Emmers explained that he is happy with his new destination, and that he believes he is at the right club to begin to develop as a footballer.

“There were some rumours [of other interested clubs], but with Roda I immediately had a good feeling,” he explained.

“This club has tradition and operates very professionally. We hope this is a win-win situation for both sides.”