Joaquin Correa featured for only 12 minutes at the end of Lazio’s friendly last night against Sassuolo, fueling speculation that he is not in Maurizio Sarri’s plans and is close to joining Inter, according to a report in the Italian media today.

As has been reported by Corriere dello Sport, the gap between the two clubs when it comes to the financial side of the deal is not very big. It is only around €10 million.

Lazio know that if they are going to make any serious money from Joaquin Correa, they must sell him now. This could work to Inter’s advantage because Lazio may be forced to accept Inter’s €30 million bid rather than hold out for more and risk the deal falling through.

The player’s lack of minutes during pre-season suggests that Maurizio Sarri is not counting on having him available as part of the squad when the Serie A campaign rolls around.