Inter have re-joined the European Club Association after having left in April as part of the attempt to found a Super League.

This is confirmed on the ECA’s website, which notes that the Nerazzurri are among the nine clubs to have their request to re-join the association accepted.

Inter were among the twelve clubs to have been involved in the attempt to found a breakaway Super League of top European clubs in April, and as part of the plan all twelve clubs officially resigned from the ECA.

After it became clear that the plan was unpopular and infeasible, nine of the twelve clubs, including the Nerazzurri, decided to withdraw from it, leaving only Juventus, Barcelona, and Real Madrid still committed to the project.

As part of deciding not to go through with the project, the nine clubs applied to be re-accepted into the ECA, and as the association confirms, they will be back in the fold as part of the 2019-23 membership cycle.