Former Chelsea midfielder Gabriele Ambrosetti believes that Romelu Lukaku would have stayed at Inter rather than moving to Chelsea had it not been for the financial problems faced by Nerazzurri owners Suning.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster TMW Radio, as reported by FCInter1908, the 48-year-old gave the view that his former club were only able to complete the signing of the Belgian due to the financial needs of the Nerazzurri.

Lukaku’s departure from the Giuseppe Meazza represents the most significant blow to Inter in a summer of upheaval, with many fans blaming owners Suning for allowing him to leave.

Ambrosetti, who made 16 Premier League appearances for the Blues after joining from Vicenza in 1999, agrees with this assessment.

The former Chelsea man thinks that Lukaku would have felt better had he been able to continue his career at Inter where he was happy, but that when the Nerazzurri’s owners decided to accept an offer from Chelsea he accepted that his future was elsewhere.

“After the years at Inter that culminated with the Scudetto,” Ambrosetti said, “the Belgian might have preferred to stay and continue his career as a key player, also in the Champions League with the Nerazzurr.

“However, the dynamics that have been created in Zhang’s club have meant that as the player most representative from a statistical point of view, but also in terms of team leader status, he wanted to change and continue his professional growth.”

He continued, “Today, he is mature, ready, and will surely become a Chelsea leader. I believe that the transfer came at the best moment on a professional and economic level for everyone.”