The refereeing team for Inter’s Serie A opener against Genoa on Saturday has been announced, with Valerio Marini set to be the head official for the match.

This is confirmed by the club on their official site, where they reveal that Marini will be in charge of the fixture, as well as who the rest of the team of officials will be who assist him in his duties.

Valerio Vecchi and Stefano Liberti will be the Assistant Referees for the match, while the role of the Fourth Official will be filled by Matteo Marchetti.

Paolo Valeri will be the main referee in the VAR booth, while he will have as his assistant Ciro Carbone, and the pair will look over all decisions to ensure that no major errors are made by the officials on the pitch.

The Nerazzurri will hope that no refereeing controversies occur during the fixture, and that all of the focus will be on the players and the tactics on the pitch.