Former Inter defender Daniele Adani has given his verdict on two Nerazzurri summer signings, and on their pursuit of Borussia Monchengladbach forward Marcus Thuram.

Speaking to the BoboTV Twitch channel, as reported by FCInter1908, the 47-year-old emphasized that the Nerazzurri should be looking to sign young players with high potential and gave Thuram as an example of a signing that they should be making.

As Adani explains, the Nerazzurri do not currently have the financial might to be spending major sums on players for their squad, and should concentrate on bringing in talented players who can develop to a high level.

Along these lines, the former defender approves of the signing of Denzel Dumfries from PSV, with the 25-year-old for him a player who still has significant room to grow and to improve the team for years to come, and all having been acquired for a relatively modest fee.

Of the Dutchman, he said “His learning process is not finished, he is not coming in and immediately the same player as Hakimi.”

“He arrived late to the football that counts,” he continued, “then he went to PSV, becoming captain and then starting for the Netherlands national team. A player you could take in who is interesting but must be completed.”

Adani continued by saying that “In Italy, however, Hakimi and Lukaku have improved, Lukaku in Italy has improved a lot. Dzeko does not have to improve, he already plays with eyes in the back of his head, he finishes well, he has runs and movement like a professor.”

The former defender explained, “With Inter we talk about economic issues, and when there are problems you have to discuss ideas and opportunities. If you are limited in ideas, do what you can.”

“Even from the point of view of the missing striker,” he continued, “reinforcements must be considered between functionality and price – you can’t compete on the best strikers. But Inter has already done it in the past with Icardi and Lautaro, taken on someone with room to grow.”

Of the 4-0 defeat of Genoa on Saturday, Adani stated, “The job is done, Genoa were not up to par and were never in the match, but the back three played well as under Conte, but freer and more intense, Brozovic as usual was in the control room.”

He added, “And Inter misses Eriksen, nobody has his exact qualities, not even Calhanoglu who has character, acquired in the last two years. Inter’s style of play and the players have been important, Inter won convincingly.”

Adani closed by giving his thoughts on the pursuit of Thuram, stating that “He’s not a great player yet but you have to be able to think that you can complete, improve and form an understanding with the strikers.”

“If he plays the European Championships with France,” he added, “he has value. He is the kind of player that Inter must sign – cannot go on €60 million players.”