Inter midfielder Lucien Agoume’s agent believes that the young Frenchman’s loan to Brest for the season does not reflect well on the footballing culture in Italy.

Speaking to Italian news outlet, the player’s agent Oscar Damiani suggested that the reason the 19-year-old is leaving for Ligue 1 rather than remaining in Italy to go to a Serie A club is that he will find playing time in France where he would not in Serie A.

Agoume spent last season with newly-promoted Serie A side Spezia, where he impressed at times when he was on the pitch but was only given twelve Serie A appearances plus another in the Coppa Italia.

Given his age, regular game time is an important concern for the French midfielder, and his experience with Spezia was not as conducive to the development of his talents in the senior game as he, his entourage, or the Nerazzurri would have hoped.

For this reason, he is off to Ligue 1, where there is more of a reputation for nurturing young talent such as himself.

“Is Agoume going to Brest after the renewal with Inter? It is a defeat for everyone,” stated the agent, “He is a strong player, I would have liked to see him again in Italy.”

He continued, “The experience at Spezia was traumatic, he didn’t have space. In France young people are given the chance play, here we look at age and experience as much more important.”

Damiani reflected, “Better to go to France and play thirty games. We will find an even stronger Agoume, ready for Inter.”