Carlo Cottarelli, head of the InterSpac initiative for fan ownership at the Nerazzurri, believes that his project is moving forward as intended.

Speaking to Italian news outlet Fronte del Blog, the economist gave an update on the progress of the InterSpac projectand stated that he believed that steps can soon be taken which will allow the project to move forward and be implemented.

Cottarelli has been promoting the InterSpac iniative aimed at allowing fans to hold shares in the Nerazzurri, similarly to how Bundesliga clubs are run, rather than having the controlling shares in the club in the hands of a single owner such as Suning.

Despite the initiative constituting a major change to the way that the club is run, Cottarelli believes that it is feasible and that progress can be made towards making his vision for the project a reality, in cooperation with the club.

The economist explained, “we believe in it and we move forward, since now is the time to transform popular shareholding idea into concrete actions.”

“InterSpac does not stop,” he went on, “far from it, it comes alive and I am pleasantly surprised by the consensus obtained so far.”

He concluded, “Have I heard from any of the owners or managers? There has been contact and we will present a detailed project.”