Inter Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello has given and update on the partnership between the club and cryptocurrency company ahead of the launch of the $Inter fan tokens.

Speaking in a statement on the Nerazzurri’s official site ahead of the release of the tokens, Antonello explained that the launch of the new tokens represent an important major step in the partnership with replaced Pirelli as the front shirt sponsor for Inter this summer, but this is not the full extent of the partnership between the company and the club, as Antonello explains.

The cryptocurrency company has developed fan tokens which are aimed at creating fan engagements, as their purchase allows fans to participate in polls, quizzes, and games related to the team.

Antonello believes that the launch of these tokens is a positive direction for the club to be moving in, and will allow it to be even more closely connected with its supporters.

“The launch of the $Inter Fan Token is the first important moment of activation together with our fans of the partnership with, an agreement that focuses on the development of fan engagement,” he said.

“For the Nerazzurri Club,” the CEO went on, “fans have always played a fundamental role and it is essential for us that the path of development and innovation that characterizes the new era of Inter allows all Nerazzurri to be more and more part of our world. We are sure that the $Inter Fan Token will be a great success within our community.”