Inter defender Matteo Darmian has made it clear that Inter just need to focus on their own results and performances rather than anyone else’s, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Speaking during an interview with Sky Sport in Italy, the ex-Manchester United player explained that Inter are happy with the squad they have built despite losing players.

“Strong players have arrived who can give us an important hand. But only through hard work we must continue to improve, day after day.

“This year we wanted to get off to a good start. There have been some changes, it’s true. But the mentality is strong, the group is solid, and we always want to prove it.”

“In the end, the action on the pitch will prove it. We think about working and winning as many games as possible.

“We have to plug our ears and not listen to the voices, be it praise or criticism: we just have to think about ourselves.”

Something that is really important to Matteo Darmian is that Inter keep the same level of determination all season that they have shown in the first two games.

“The determination and the desire to bring home the result is important. These are characteristics that must accompany us throughout the year, remain united and always keep the level of attention high.”

Matteo Darmian explained that Simone Inzaghi has bought his own ideas to the club.

“From day one the coach brought his ideas, he continued the work started two years ago with Antonio Conte. We all made ourselves available to understand and put his ideas into practice.”

Hakan Calhanoglu was signed to replace Christian Eriksen as it is not yet clear if the Dane will play again for Inter. Matteo Darmian believes the Turkish midfielder offers something different to Christian Eriksen.

“Everyone has their own characteristics and we have to exploit them in the best way. Dzeko, like Lukaku, is a great striker: he will give us a big hand and score many goals.

“Calhanoglu and Christian Eriksen are similar, even if they have some different characteristics: maybe Eriksen he likes to come and play more, while Hakan is a player who also likes to finish the action.

“In this sense, we have seen his qualities and the help he can give us.”

Speaking on Christian Eriksen particularly, Matteo Darmian explained the emotions he felt when the Dane returned to Inter following his cardiac arrest.

“The shock in June was great, we want to wait for him and see him again on the pitch. Hugging him back in Appiano gave us a lot of positive energy.”

Finally, Matteo Darmian discussed the completion in his position now that Denzel Dumfries has signed.

“I know very well that when you play for a great team, in addition to having great responsibilities, the competition is high.

“I always make myself available trying to lend a hand to the team when I am called into question.”