A former captain of Inter, Beppe Bergomi, has suggested that the team are weaker this season due to the high profile players who departed the team in the summer, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media. 

Speaking during a broadcast on Sky Sport, with quotes reported by FCInter1908, Beppe Bergomi explained that people cannot argue that Inter are not weakened thanks to the departures of Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi.

“The club has done well, it seems even more unpredictable, but we can’t say that it is no less strong. They have weakened without Lukaku and Hakimi. Inter today most of all feel the absence of Lukaku, he was the leader for everyone.”

Beppe Bergomi also pointed that Simone Inzaghi’s team are still strong but smaller teams are not as scared by the attackers that Inter now have, particularly in terms of their depth.

“Inzaghi’s team is strong, but now Verona also allows one-on-ones with the Nerazzurri forwards, like Sampdoria, they are not afraid of depth and speed of the attackers.”

Despite all of these negatives that Beppe Bergomi points out, he believes that Inter are still among the favourites for the Scudetto. His overall favourite though appears to be Napoli.

“It remains a strong team and among the favourites for the Scudetto. If I have to name a name, I’ll say Napoli for the Scudetto, I see something in Spalletti’s team.”

Napoli are one of only three teams who have won all three of their opening games this season.