Inter owners Suning are in advanced talks with a fund to sell more than half of their shares at Inter, a Saudi Arabic journalist has revealed.

Zuheir Shammasi, who writes for one of the biggest media outlets in Saudi Arabia, Midal Al Yaum, told exclusively, that talks are at an “advanced stage.”

Shammasi, was unable to reveal the identity of the fund in question, adding that he had not been able to verify the identity of this fund and that it need not necessarily be a Saudi Arabic fund.

“Suning are in advanced talks to sell half of their ownership stake at Inter to a fund.

“I have not been able to verify which fund it is or which country this fund is based. Therefore, I can’t say if this fund is from Saudi Arabia or not.

“Just to be clear, the information I have is that if deal goes through, Suning would sell half of their shares at Inter, so around 35% of the club as they currently 70% of the Nerazzurri.”