Italian journalist Andrea Di Caro believes that the brace scored by striker Edin Dzeko in yesterday’s match against Bologna showed that the Bosnian can keep the attack running for the Nerazzurri.

Writing in his column for Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport published in today’s print edition, the journalist spoke about the importance of the Bosnian following the Nerazzurri’s 6-1 rout of the Rossoblu at the San Siro.

Di Caro outlined the importance of being clinical with finishing and creating chances for the Nerazzurri as demonstrated by Inter yesterday evening compared to their frustrating loss to Real Madrid in midweek.

Nowhere was this more evident than in the performance of Dzeko, who was ruthless in finishing two chances, including a very difficult shot with power from a tight angle.

“Inter outplayed Bologna, overcoming in a very emphatic way an opponent who came to the San Siro with seven points in the table and looked very defensively solid coming off of two games without conceding a goal,” he said.

He went on, “The Nerazzurri came back with interest from their match against Real Madrid in the Champions league yesterday. The threat level, within a match, counts more than possession or the sometimes generic ‘control of the game.’ At the end of yesterday’s match, in fact, possession even favourted Bologna (55% to 45%).”

“And this alleged anomaly between possession and the final scoreline of 6-1 is precisely represented by the threat level of the two teams when they had the ball.”

“Inzaghi and Inter deserve the credit for hitting Bologna mercilessly on the counter, getting forward with decisive actions, movements, and accelerations. They all scored and Dzeko scored his first double (the fifth and sixth goals),” Di Caro went on.

“Also in this case it is correct to say that the goals are not only counted, but weighed,” he continued. “The first is different from the sixth. But the Bosnian’s double is also important for the future in view of the trip to play Fiorentina and the injury to Correa which will give Dzeko a place in the team.”