Italian football journalist Paolo Condo has suggested that both Inter and AC Milan have one major virtue on their side which is patience, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Whilst writing for La Repubblica, Paolo Condo suggested that Napoli and the two Milan sides are the teams looking the most likely to mount a serious title challenge in Serie A this season.

The main factor that Paolo Condo seems to believe is key to the teams’ success so far is that they are patient in the way they approach matches and situations.

“In the footsteps of Napoli, Inter and AC Milan proceed side by side solving different problems thanks to the same virtue: patience.”

The examples that Paolo Condo uses are from the two most recent matches played by the Milan clubs. Inter weathered a heavy amount of pressure against Fiorentina and went 1-0 down but they had the tools and fitness to turn the game around.

” After the weakening of Fiorentina’s high-paced football which came at the price of a ferocious drop in fitness, Simone Inzaghi hit them with some more attacking play.”

As for AC Milan, Paolo Condo pointed out Stefano Pioli’s decision to introduce his key players early in the second half to get the breakthrough.

“Stefano Pioli is calculated, who after trying to beat the resistance of Venezia with many second choice players intelligently decided to use some more fire power before it got too late.”