Ex-Italian star Gianfranco Zola has suggested that there are multiple teams that could win the Scudetto this season instead of Inter, according to a report in the Italian media today.

Whilst speaking to Corriere della Sera, the ex-Chelsea man explained that the race cannot be considered to just be between Napoli, who have won all their games so far, and the two Milan sides.

He believes that despite their very poor start to the campaign, Juventus cannot be ruled out so quickly as they showed with their Champions League win over Chelsea on Wednesday night.

“It would be a mistake to cut Juventus out so early, who have already shown they can come back and win.”

Gianfranco Zola admitted that Napoli are the side that has surprised him most this season because they are putting in performances that are even more impressive than the results themselves.

“Napoli is the team that has surprised me the most because they are giving a show of force that goes beyond the results.

“Check the games, they beat the opponents with ease. Spalletti is doing an exceptional job. But it will be a very open championship.”

As for Jose Mourinho’s AS Roma and Maurizio Sarri’s Lazio, Gianfranco Zola believes that they are not quite on the same level as the teams around them just yet.

“The Roman teams probably still have to grow, but they are a crazy variable and in my opinion, they are not at the level of the leading teams.”