Ex-Inter Goalkeeper Tommaso Berni: “Inter Have More Experience In The Team this Year”

Ex-Inter Goalkeeper Tommaso Berni: “Inter Have More Experience In The Team this Year”
October 22, 2021 22:00
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Ex-Inter goalkeeper Tommaso Berni has been discussing Inter’s clash with Juventus on Sunday evening, according to a report in the Italian media.

SPeaking to Tutto Juve ahead of the match, Tommaso Berni explained that Inter have more experience in the team this season with Edin Dzeko there and that will make a big difference.

“For me, the mentality of the players and of the club had already changed a few years earlier with Mr. Spalletti. And going forward with Conte there has been growth, which will happen even more with Inzaghi.

“For me, Inter has moved in an excellent way in replacing the illustrious transfers, just look at Dzeko’s performances and goals. This shows not only the qualities but also the depth on a human level. Compared to last year, there is a bit more experience. And this makes the difference.”

Inter will need to find a way to beat the incredibly strong defence that Juventus now appear to have under Max Allegri. Tommaso Berni believes that Inter’s defence can be just as strong.

“Inter have quality and imaginative players, it will be a match that will be played both in the short term and also in the middle of the field where it will be played at the doors.

“Rightly we are talking about the defence of Juve, but also that of Inter is really very strong. Beyond the final success, they have really done very well throughout the year. It will be a great clash.”

Tommaso Berni also believes that Nicolo Barella will be one of the key players in the match for Inter if they are to beat Juventus.

“Barella is doing very well, we could see over the years that he had a great desire to emerge and do well. He grows more and more, even simply in the control of a yellow card that during a match can be decisive.

Certainly, like I’ve always said, with him and Brozovic I’d go anywhere. Let’s see if we’re lucky in this match too.

“It will be a great clash, Juve and Inter faced each other until the end last year and this season they have strengthened. Even if there have been some illustrious disposals that both have had to cope with.

“Juve is hard to beat, I was expecting their return to the top positions. Inter is always a great battleship and is playing well, for me it will be a great match that promises a show.”

Both goalkeepers that will be on the pitch have been criticised heavily recently for poor performances and mistakes, and Tommaso Berni believes the criticism has been too heavy.

“It’s a bit too much, you have to understand that the goalkeeper is a separate role. And when the mistake happens, unless you have a stroke of luck, it is almost always your fault.

“Szczesny is a champion and has shown in the years of being able to play at high levels, Samir on the other hand I know him much more and he is among the best in Europe at a technical level. Maybe I’m a bit biased.”

As for the Serie A title race as a whole, Tommaso Berni believes that there is four teams who will be competing for the honour.

“Inter are one of the teams that will fight until the end, I don’t think they will want to abdicate so easily. I see four who will compete for it, then it will depend on the cups and the path in Europe they have.

“I mentioned them, but Juve itself and Pioli’s Milan will always have their say, at Atalanta we must always be careful because it is enough to see how they were a few steps away from a historic success in Manchester. AS Roma and Lazio, then, have two coaches on the bench who are strong.”

By Euan Burns

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