Former Inter goalkeeper Tommaso Berni has expressed his admiration for current Inter midfielder Marcelo Brozovic who is locked in a contract negotiation battle, according to a report in the Italian media.

Whilst speaking to, Tommaso Berni explained that he knows the Croatian midfielder very well and knows that he will not be feeling any pressure right now.

“I have experienced many retirements with him, he does not feel the pressure even if he is booed or it is a bad day. This is his strength, he is an incredible midfielder.”

Tommaso Berni also explained that he is happy that Turkish midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu decided to come to Inter after his time at AC Milan came to an end.

“They are never easy decisions, if you decide to change it is because something broke. I’m happy that he came to Inter because he is a great player and is an added value.”

As for the current coach, Simone Inzaghi, Tommaso Berni feels that the club made the right choice by hiring him and that he will continue to do very well.

“Inzaghi will do very well at Inter, they made the right choice and I’m happy for him. The important thing is to have energy in March.”

Simone Inzaghi replaced Antonio Conte when he suddenly left the club last season, which the former goalkeeper wishes had not happened.

“I would have liked him to stay, he had started to create something important. If they chose so, it was the best choice for Inter.”

In a final comment, Tommaso Berni threw his support behind Samir Handanovic by saying of his possible successor Andre Onana: “He is not stronger than Handanovic.”