8 Tips For A New Inter Milan Fan

8 Tips For A New Inter Milan Fan
December 28, 2021 16:51
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If you’re just being introduced to the world of professional Italian football, allow us to welcome you. It’s a controversial place to be.

Just this year, controversies emerged regarding the Juventus women’s team. If you like things to be interesting and lively, it’s a good time to be an Inter Milan fan; the team often manages to escape controversy, but if you want to be a good Inter fan – or even a good football fan – there are best practices to follow.

Here are 8 tips for a new Inter Milan fan.

1. Learn The Team

Do you know your Handanovic from your Ranocchia? Can you cite stats for Satriano and Correa off the top of your head?

Okay, so that last one might be a little too exacting for a new fan, but it’s definitely worth learning the team. When you’re talking shop with other Inter fans, you don’t want to be caught short without the knowledge you need to get through the conversation.

Besides, how can you formulate complex armchair strategies for your team if you don’t know who’s playing?

2. Try A Spot Of Sports Betting

If you love to watch Inter play, why not make that passion a little more exciting? Try placing a wager or two the next time you’re watching a game.

You can get some practice with online casino platforms like Novibet before you begin if you want to; that way you can get used to spending money on wagers.

This is another place that your newfound expertise will come in handy; you can use your knowledge to predict game flow, player substitutions, and more.

3. Watch The Games

It might sound obvious, but nobody likes a dilettante, especially when it comes to football. That means you should put the time in and actually watch Inter’s games.

The standard of football is incredibly high when it comes to the Italian Serie A, so you’ll be seeing the best possible form of the beautiful game if you make sure to tune into as many games as you can.

Missing one or two isn’t too bad, but missing entire runs of games could stand you in bad stead with other fans!

4. Learn Some Fun Inter Facts

Did you know Inter Milan is the first Italian team to lift the European Cup twice? It’s true – Inter won that honour in 1964 and 1965, meaning they also got their wins consecutively, which is impressive.

Did you also know Inter is the only Italian side that has never been relegated to Serie B? These are a couple of the facts that you should learn if you want to impress people with your Inter knowledge. Doing so could make you the life and soul of the party!

5. Learn Strategies

Paying close attention to a tactical analysis of the way Inter plays could help you not only when you’re having conversations about the team, but also if you do decide to get into the world of sports betting.

A good tactical analysis takes into account whether the team plays forward or back, what formation it fields, and what players the manager likes to substitute at what points.

If you’re taking it all in, it could even help you should you ever decide to pursue a career in management!

6. Know Your MVPs

Last season, then Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku was voted player of the year in the Italian Serie A for his role in the team winning its 19th Italian honour.

It’s not clear who this season’s MVP is going to be, but you should be watching each game with eagle eyes to try and determine who the most important player is.

Predicting this could net you a tidy sum if you get it right, but it’s also great knowledge to have so you can chart Inter’s progress throughout history!

7. Don’t Be Toxic

This tip goes for being a fan of pretty much any team out there. Currently, the world of football is experiencing a toxic fan issue that means many fans are acting in ways that simply don’t befit the team’s station or reputation.

Unfortunately, this is happening in the world of Inter as well, so the best thing you can do as a new Inter fan is simply to remain calm, peaceful, and respectful.

No matter how much play decisions or player choices upset you, there’s absolutely no reason to get violent or aggressive at any stage. If you can’t stop yourself, think carefully about whether it’s a good idea to attend matches or not.

8. Love Your Team

With that said, football can be an incredibly positive force in people’s lives, so you should embrace the aspects of it that make it enjoyable.

By all means, enjoy being side-by-side with other Inter fans, chanting players’ names and singing along with the most popular anthems.

Embrace the feeling of togetherness and brotherhood that being a fan of football brings; that way, you can keep everything feeling good, and you won’t have to deal with any of the toxic elements of the sport’s fandom.

We hope this guide on how to be a new Inter Milan fan has been helpful! When you were starting out, what did you find useful?

How did you deal with the potentially overwhelming flood of new information, and how did you adjust to life as an Inter fan?

By Editorial Staff

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