This series takes a look at the latest signings and statistically analyzes those individuals’ contributions and how they compare to the current squad.

Robin Gosens is the first confirmed signing of this Winter Transfer window.  The 27-year-old definitively plays the Left Midfielder role, but with an expectation to contribute to defense, and so his closest Inter counterparts that we will compare him to are Federico Dimarco and Ivan Perišić.

Considering we are mid-way through this season, this article will use all three’s last season (2021/22) results to get a better comparison.  These stats are derived from WyScout and

Attacking Stats:

The gold-standard stat to start with is goal contributions.  Gosens had more goals and assists (20) than DiMarco (8) and Perišić did (8) combined!  

This is actually close to what was expected of Dimarco (9) and Perišić (9.8); Gosens just drastically over performed his “xG+A” (12.1).

Gosen takes more shots-on-target per game (.60 to Dimarco’s .46 to Perišić’s .53).  Interestingly, Dimarco actually provided at least one more shot-creating action per game last season (3.58) than Gosens (2.07) or Perišić (2.38).

When it comes to passing, Gosens is 10% better overall at completing them than his Inter counterparts (81% to 71% for both of the others).

Gosens and Dimarco far exceed Perišić’s progressive pass distance in meters per game (304, 372, and 153 respectfully), as well as passing in the final-third per game (3.4, 4.3, 1.3 respectfully again).

Dimarco is the better dribbler of the group, with a 58% success rate to Gosens 54% and Perišić’s 42%.  Dimarco also dribbles the ball the most distance and the most progressively.

As far as what the numbers are saying, Perišić just likes being the guy that brings the ball into the 18-yard box (he does so over 4 times more than Dimarco per game and over 2.5 times Gosens does per game), but doesn’t seem to dribble the ball into there nearly as much himself. 

It makes sense that Perišić is being rumored to transform into a Edin Džeko backup.

Defensive Stats:

As far as defensively, we’ve added “blocks + clearances + tackles + interceptions” per game to see that Dimarco leads (7), followed closely by Gosens (6.9), and Perišić last (5.8).

Perišić does win the most aerial duels at 70% (to Gosens’ 62% and Dimarco’s 30%), but that would make sense since he’s the tallest and Dimarco is only 5’8” (175cm).

Looking at these stats in total, Gosens is an absolutely superb acquisition: an absolute top-tier, 96th-percentile player in his role for “non-penalty goals and assists” with a good/above-average defensive record.

What one can be hopeful to read here is that Dimarco’s better defensive traits, and Gosens’ better attacking traits, can rub off on to each other to make them both even better in their roles.

With Gosens only being 27-years old, and Dimarco only 24; if they both at least just continue to be their well-rated selves, then the Inter Milan family can be happy to welcome this sparring pair for many years to come. 

Inter fans can also be happy that Perišić could rotate into a front-man role he is so clearly better suited for.