Stadiums in Italy could be reopened to full capacity before the end of March, with the likeliest project date for stadiums to start allowing fans in at 100% capacity being the weekend of March 19.

This according to today’s print edition of Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, who report that March 1 has been officially set as the date for stadiums to allow fans at 75% capacity and that a complete reopening could soon follow.

Stadiums had reached 75% capacity during the fall after reopening to spectators at the beginning of this season, before going back down to 50% and even temporarily being restricted to just five thousand fans due to a spike in COVID cases.

However, with the case surge caused by the spread of the Omicron variant looking to be ending, the Italian government is planning to get the reopening back on track.

To this end, the Ministries of Health and Sport jointly announced that at the beginning of Match the capacity limit for stadiums will be increased to 75%, and 60% for indoor venues.

No date has been officially set for when capacity restrictions will be lifted entirely, but the weekend of March 19-20 could be targeted, with this being the weekend of Serie A clashes between Inter and Fiorentina, as well as Roma and Lazio.

This would also come shortly before World Cup qualifying playoffs involving the Italian national team.

Inter, like all Italian clubs, would welcome the complete lifting of capacity restrictions to allow crowds at 100% as it would be a source of much-needed revenues from ticket sales.