Inter CEO Beppe Marotta feels that the team must accept the ambitious goal of defending last season’s Scudetto crown and putting another star on their shirts.

Speaking to Italian news outlet, via FCInterNews, the executive was not shy about the desire to win the Serie A title this season, and gave the view that the team must embrace the scale of their challenge.

Inter are in what looks to be the tightest Scudetto race in some time this season, chasing AC Milan and Napoli in a tightly-packed group at the top while Juventus lurk in the background having made up ground in recent weeks.

A victory in the title race this season would bring the Nerazzurri to twenty Scudetti in total over the course of their history and put another star over the crest on their shirts.

Marotta is hopeful that they can manage this feat, and believes that it is something that they should be open about their desire for.

“Ambition isn’t a defect, it’s a virtue in sport,” he said. “We’re not hiding the fact that we want to win the second star.”

He also spoke about the partnership between Inter and cycling company Cinelli, stating that it was formed “Because sport brings together great syngergy.”

He added that “Cycling is synonymous with pedalling forward, so the fact that they make bicycles can be a bit of a metaphor for ‘pedalling to win’ like our motto at Inter.”