Salernitana head coach Davide Nicola believes that part of the reason that Inter have dropped off in form in recent weeks is that their style of play is hard to maintain in the long run.

Speaking in a press conference after his team’s 2-0 loss to Juventus, the coach suggested that the Nerazzurri have top players but that their approach could be a detriment in the title race.

Inter have slowed down dramatically compared to the pace at which they were picking up points during the first half of the season, and it has been difficult to point to a clear explanation.

One issue appears to be tiredness and fatigue, and while the congested fixture list could partly account for this, it could also be blamed on the nature of how the Nerazzurri play.

Nicola believes that this is the case, and that Inter may be struggling to impose themselves as they had before because of the difficulty of keeping up their approach, contrasting it with their rivals.

“Juve’s best quality is how they grind out results and become consistent Inter have a very strong squad, but a style of play that may not be sustainable over long periods,” he said. “Milan now have an advantage in terms of the quality they’re maintaining.”