Legendary former Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi believes that Inter look to be in a state of real decline at the moment.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster SportMediaset, Tacchinardi identified physical fatigue and a stale tactical approach as being at the heart of the Nerazzurri’s very real dropoff in form.

Inter have not changed much from the team that they were during their best period of form in November and December, when they looked to be a dominant presence at the top of the Serie A table.

This could be the problem, however, as the team have started running low on the resources necessary to execute their high-intensity style of play and lack variations to the formation on the pitch that had served them well.

It remains to be seen if the Nerazzurri can get back to form either by reinvigorating their system and key players, or by changing things up, Tacchinardi feels that right now they look off.

“Inter physically no longer have any energy,” he said, “they no longer have pace and intensity. I think Inzaghi is very good, but at this level he has to make an extra qualitative leap and find an alternative given the absence of Brozovic.”

“At the moment, Inter look physically spent,” he continued. “Simone is unable to find a Plan B for this team. Playing a 3-5-2 without Brozovic they huff and puff but it doesn’t work.”