Inter supporter group the Curva Nord will not be in attendance for Inter’s away match against Juventus this Sunday, and this looks to be in protest of ticket prices and the manner in which tickets are purchased.

This according to today’s print edition of Rome-based newspaper Corriere dello Sport, who report that the group are particularly unhappy with the fact that away fans must register with Juventus’s website in order to buy tickets to the Allianz Stadium.

Yesterday the Nord announced that they will not be at the Allianz Stadium for this weekend’s match, though they declined to give their reasons.

According to the Corriere, however, their main grievances are with the fact that away tickets for the match cost €55 in the away section, and especially with the fact that tickets cannot be purchased even in the away section without registering on the Bianconeri’s site.

The Corriere notes that Fiorentina supporter group the Curva Fiesole did not attend their team’s away match against Juventus for the same reason.