Milan Mayor Beppe Sala feels that the suggestion that Inter and AC Milan could decide to build their new stadium in Sesto San Giovanni remains nothing more than a rumour.

Speaking on his official Instagram account, as reported by FCInterNews, the Mayor denied reports in the Gazzetta dello Sport earlier today that the clubs could build away from the San Siro area because of delays are not based in fact.

The Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri face delays in their plans to build their new stadium in Milan due to the public debate around their current plans to demolish the existing San Siro and then build in place of it.

Reports from the Gazzetta dello Sport today were that the clubs are becoming increasingly impatient and ready to turn to their backup plan in the form of building in the Sesto San Giovanni area.

However, according to Sala, these reports are nothing more than paper talk, and the two clubs are still ready for the process of public debate, showing a memorandum received from the clubs.

“The situation with San Siro is this,” he said. “As you can see from the image, the teams confirmed to me a week ago that they’re preparing their dossier for the public debate.”

“A week ago, not six months ago,” he stressed. “And after this letter was received there were no more developments.”

Sala continued that “Today the Gazzetta dello Sport comes out with this scoop about Inter and Milan’s intention to build the new stadium elsewhere. One of the two is true.”

“Either the Gazzetta is just looking for the big headline, or the teams are telling me one thing (or rather, writing it) and giving others a different version of the story,” he went on.

The Mayor emphasized that “Having an official document in my hands, I lean more towards the first possibility.”

“In any case, however, I want to say that in this difficult historical moment the Municipal Administration also has much more to think about,” he concluded.