Milan Mayor Beppe Sala remains adamant that he wants to move forward with Inter & AC Milan’s plans to build a new stadium in the city but that the proper procedures must be followed.

Speaking to the press, as reported by FCInterNews, the Mayor emphasized that he has never done anything but support the teams as much as he can within the confines of the regulations.

The Nerazzurri and the Rossoneri have been frustrated by the bureaucratic hurdles which have cast doubt on when they will be able to start with construction of their new stadium.

The clubs have clear plans on building the structure in place of the existing San Siro, but before they can get the final approval from the municipality a public debate must first take place.

Sala is adamant that this debate must happen in accordance with the rules around such matters, but also reiterated his support for moving the project along.

“There are no new developments, I’d like to stop the talk and state facts,” he said. “I am convinced that the stadium must be built in compliance with the rules.”

He made clear that “The public debate isn’t something I’ve invented, it exists whether you like it or not. I don’t think I’ve ever said a word that would suggest that I don’t want to build the stadium.”

“Having said that everyone makes their own considerations,” he went on, “if the teams think they want to look at other options they are very free to do so, but we remain in the lead.”

“We are launching a quick process to identify the coordinator of the public debate, we’re not stopping,” he added. “There’s no hesitation from us.”