Former Napoli coach Bortolo Mutti has said that there will be no easy matches now for the teams involved in the Serie A title race, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media.

Speaking during an interview with the Radio Goal program on Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, via FCInter1908, Bortolo Mutti explained that the away matches that Napoli and Inter have this weekend could prove to be impactful on the Serie A title race.

“The away matches of Napoli and Inter could have an impact, Milan are favourites on paper but you must always stay alert.”

Inter are away to Juventus this weekend and Napoli have an away match against Atalanta to navigate. AC Milan will be at home to Bologna.

Bortolo Mutti then pressed home the fact that these games at the end of a season become very difficult, regardless of who the opponent is.

“In the last season we saw how Napoli and Inter struggled at home against Udinese and Fiorentina, from now on there will be no easy matches and everyone will have great motivation. Right now you have to give your best not to lose ground or to get the better of those in front of you.”

Inter’s match against Juventus is getting a lot of attention as it is widely felt that whoever loses that game will be out of the Scudetto race.