Italian journalist Marco Bellinazzo has said that the loan Inter have from Oaktree could eventually lead to a change of ownership at the club, according to a report in the Italian broadcast media.

Speaking during a broadcast on Radio Nerazzurra which is part of L’Interista, Inter have been fixing their financial situation with the latest sponsorship and loan operations that Suning have been undergoing.

“Inter have made their coffers financially secure with the latest operations related to their debt, their loan.”

Part of how they have done this is by taking out a sizeable loan from Oaktree Capital Management. That loan is paid back in instalments but crucially it is an obligation of the Suning company rather than of the club itself.

This means that if Suning are unable to pay that money back to the American company, it is they who will suffer rather than the club itself. They will be forced to sell Inter in order to then pay their debts.

“The Nerazzurri have a very high debt with respect to which there is a problem of annual costs worth €30 million, and from what we know, this indirect debt with Oaktree, which does not weigh on the coffers of the club but of the company, could lead Inter to change ownership should the payment of Suning not be honoured.”