Former AC Milan midfielder Raoberto Donadoni feels that this season’s Serie A title race has been characterized by missed opportunities for both the Rossoneri and Inter.

Speaking to Milan-based newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport in an interview published in today’s print edition, Donadoni suggested that the Nerazzurri’s misstep against Bologna last month could prove to be the most costly in a series.

The season’s Serie A title race has lacked one standout side leading in the table all season, with all of the Nerazzurri, the Rossoneri, and Napoli having looked to be in a strong position throughout the season.

Inter had looked favourites before the start of February before a run of bad form saw them drop behind, while Milan then let them back in.

The Nerazzurri’s fate had been in their hand going into their clash with Bologna last month, but a surprise loss handed the advantage back to their city rivals, possibly decisively.

Donadoni commented, “They both had opportunities to extend their lead, and they didn’t. Then, when the end was approaching, Inter’s most recent misstep has proven to be significant.”